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Here we would like to share about possible side effects, course and times of healing process
2 weeks after combined injection
2 weeks after combined injection and surface laser treatment, - "cat scratch" effect with organizing clot in injected reticular vein
terms of recovery and final results. Surgery (EVLA) as described above delivers a benefit of a very short recovery period and assures better final results in comparison to surgical vein stripping. Some bruising and feeling of sausage shaped lumps along the lasered vein is common. It may take a few days for bruising to fade away and up to 1 month for hematoma along the vein to reabsorb and resolve. Walking and mild aerobic exercises are encouraged. Heavy lifting should be deferred until full resolution. One should wear provided pressure hose for 2-3 weeks after surgery. For compression sclerotherapy please be advised - it always gets worse before it gets better. Introducing an aggressive chemical to your vein will cause some inflammation of the surrounding tissues and in fact will destroy the lining of the vein. Sometimes, the chemical might be accidentally delivered through the vessel wall or will leak through the vein causing burning, blistering and skin discoloration. While we expect blisters and skin bruising to resolve in a few weeks, skin discoloration may take up to half a year to resolve. Staying away from the direct sun exposure or applying 60 SPF sunscreen would help this process. One is required to wear pressure stockings after injections constantly for 48 hours and to avoid lifting or prolonged standing. We have known cases of patients doing gardening after sclerotherapy treatment or even taking long distance flights. Of course one can not expect satisfactory results after this. By signing a consent form, you are taking a commitment towards following the proper instructions to achieve the best results.

1 week after sclero

Reticulo-spider veins - 1 week after sclerotherapy
Brisk walking after sclerotherapy treatment is strongly encouraged. Please stay away from the hot tubs and sun exposure. Surface laser for spider veins – we advice no sun exposure for 2 weeks before and after treatment. If necessary at least 60 SPF sunscreen should be applied to areas going to be treated. Results are not instant; please allow 2 to 4 weeks for resolution. Be aware that laser basically causes mild burn to your skin, destroying the vein wall and solidifying blood in targeted vessels. One will expect a "cat scratch" appearance of the veins before the reabsorbing, and fading in the treated areas will occur later. Wearing pressure hosiery during day time for a week after the procedure will amplify the results. In vast majority of cases you will be advised to have a combined treatment, including first lasering the areas of spider veins and injecting bigger feeders immediately after that. This is done for the purpose of blocking the venous flow to the spider veins from underlying incompetent veins to assure less reoccurrence. Varicose and spider veins tends to come back; however, if properly diagnosed and treated, the chances of the recurrence are much lower. We are doing our best to achieve excellent results and meet our patient's expectations.