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You need to determine whether you need to be treated for solemnly cosmetic
purpose and good look or, you have pains and symptoms which may be
qualified as a medical condition. The examples are: varicose veins, causing
pains and swelling, pre-ulcer skin changes; skin moles which change in
shape, bleed and may be a cancer; excessive sweating casing significant
social discomfort.
Please talk to your doctor about that. You will need your GP referral faxed
to us. That way if your visit is due to medical condition, the consult will be
covered by MSP. It will also cover 3 sclerotherapy treatments per leg per
year, given presence of the symptoms above. In all the other scenarios (all
cosmetic treatments, asymptomatic varicose and spider veins, cherry spots,
nose telangiectasias, etc.), you will need to cover the cost of the consult
and the treatment(s). Ultrasound, EVLA is currently not covered by third
party insurances. Pressure stockings are readily covered 80-100% by third
party insurances upon submitting our prescription. The cost of Thromboject
is NOT covered by MSP at any time. To avoid inconvenience of bringing
rubber tensors by patient, we include this into the sclerosant + dressings fee
for each 5.0 syringe used.
In general, prices for our services may vary from $20 per small
syringe of sclerosing agent up to $2800 per leg for the EVLA. During
primary consultation the physician will determine the best treatment
options for your particular condition ad you will be given the estimate.
Please feel free to call us with any question you may have.