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Ihor R. Mota, MD, PhD, CCFP, MACP


Dr Mota

Dr. Mota has been practicing general, vascular and cardiac surgery since 1984. He graduated from L'viv Danylo Halyckiy University, West Ukraine, in 1981. After general surgery residency training and specialization, he began working at L'viv Regional Hospital, Vascular Surgery Division. At that time open surgical venous stripping was the treatment of choice for varicose disease.
In 1989-1992 he completed Cardiac Surgery Fellowship at Bakulev's Cardiovascular Institute, Moscow, Russia, and acquired his PhD degree. Upon his return to Ukraine, he was actively involved in developing first CABG procedures in West Ukraine within the American Missionary Program. Dr. Mota also completed his specialized training in Heart Transplant Program at Shlonsk Cardiac Centre, Poland in 1997.
After coming to Canada in 1999, he started as a medical researcher at Biomax Technologies Ltd. in Vancouver, BC. He successfully completed his LMCC exams in 2002 and entered Family Medicine Residency Program at University of Saskatchewan. He graduated in 2004 with successful completion of CCFP certification. After returning to Vancouver, he began to work as a Clinical Surgical Associate at Cardiac Surgery Division of Vancouver General Hospital. Baseline detailed knowledge of the venous anatomy, previous experience and acquired surgical skills led him to further interest in treating of chronic venous insufficiency. As such, he completed his elective trainings at Martin's Vein Clinic, Barrie, Ontario in 2006, Toronto Vein Institute in 2008 and Northwest Vein Clinics, Idaho in 2009. He is a current member of the American College of Phlebology. For the last 5 years he participated in many local and international phlebology meetings and workshops. Dr. Mota continues to improve his knowledge in the area of phlebology so he can offer his patients high quality care and help them to look and feel the very best.
Dr. Mota is married with twin daughters. When he is not working he loves to go hiking, fishing, road trips and travel.