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Welcome to Vancouver Vein Care Centre!


We are physician facilitated and fully licensed medical office primarily specializing in treatment of the varicose veins. We diagnose and treat a full range of vein disorders ranging from unpleasant in appearance spider veins to painful incompetent bulging veins and venous ulcers requiring surgery. This part of medicine is known as Phlebology (from Greek: φλέβα - vein) - the science of pathophysiology and treatment of the human venous system.

Our staff is professionally trained and provides the highest quality of care. We utilize the latest available treatment options and modern medical equipment with minimal to no downtime including endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) – the modern alternative to vein stripping. Our Dornier Medilas D FlexiPulse Laser System is specifically designed for use in a wide variety of vein treatments and is registered in compliance with the requirements of the College of Physicians and Surgeon's of BC. To assure successful results the vast majority of our venous patients undergo venous duplex ultrasound mapping. It provides essential information for selecting the best method of treatment. For injections we use Sotradecol and Polidocanol solutions, as they are the only to date FDA approved sclerosing agents for sclerotherapy. All venous patients are fitted with modern and comfortable pressure stockings.

A wide variety of aesthetic procedures are also available at our office. They include Botox, dermal fillers, treatment of the hyperhydrosis (excessive sweat areas), surgical excisions of "lumps and bumps" and electro or laser coagulation of moles, hemangiomas (cherry spots), and skin tags.

Our intention through our website is to inform you as a client of what it is that we specialize in and why it is important to understand "veins" as a part of systemic disease rather than simple appearance. Furthermore, we would like to be straightforward and objective about possible side effects and healing time for any procedures, rather than promoting common spas' misconceptions of "magic painless one visit laser treatments". Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions.

We hope you will enjoy our services and we look forward to meeting you soon!